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Ushakiran Sisodia

Ushakiran Sisodia

NLP coach, India

Title: Medical nutrition therapy for a Rare disease


Sharing experience of 30 years male suffered from post Covid GBS (SARS-CoV-2) on 15 April 2021 having thyroid issues and high uric acid level (takes thyronorm100mg/day) symptoms like double vision , hoarseness of voice and chocking episodes after food, pain in lips, neck  tightness, bifacial weakness, having difficulty in swallowing. 2nd may 21, facing weakness in the limbs and unable to speak. 5th may 2021 his left side face developed palsy.6 th may 2021, hospitalized, post 10 days improvement with minor headache but had coughing episode after having tea and symptoms started surfacing.11th June 2021. throat endoscopy showed left throat muscle, are sluggish as compare to right one. diet history taken and nutrition care plan was prepared. online session, texture in food was modified in first week of June.13th June 2021 patient was experiencing numbness in the hip area, this is new symptom and Doctor advised spine scan and CSF test. Based on which he had undergone steroids course of IVIG again. Planned Medical nutrition therapy, showed creatinine and uric acid within range and the condition not deteriorated as diet low in protein and swallowing difficulty, started nutritional supplement.22 June 2021 Patients started feeling good, energy is seen better, bowel movement had improved. 30 steps with the help of walker. current weight 70kg, , had lost 12kg lost during Covid. slow progress was seen in his movement. Post 15 days (27 June 2021) gradual improvement seen "End well all well" 2 July 2021 he was fit enough to start working, attended office, adopted a pet dog which plays, muscles are improvised, started doing squats , able to do 15 squads. No facial palsy was visible. Lower limb was getting stronger day by day. The weight was 69.5 kg. , BP was noted to be 107/58 after breakfast. Definitely an improvement in energy and endurance was seen. His TSH level had decreased, so reduced concentration of thyroid medicine. Today at present I spoken he is doing great.


Career Summary: Total Work experience: 25 years in field of Medical nutrition therapy, business management post-graduation Diploma from NMIMS 2021, Master in Food science ,1986 Gold medalist ( foods and nutrition) ,registered Dietitian R.D no 10/95,Bsc home science honors’, secondary board distinction in physics and chemistry. Won Best practicing dietitian for A. N Radha award 2005. Strongly believes in modifying” lifestyle as medicine “Nutrition is key to good health!!! Being expert nutrition I know..Invited to Australia Sydney for paper presentation On uncontrolled diabetes mellitus a case capsule, Presented paper in Dubai 2016 Live interactive sessions Publishes Research paper In YOKOHAMA 2008, JAPAN, On renal patient MNT,Publishes Research paper In EFAD 2005 Nutrition, GENEVA Switzerland June 2-5 2005.