Virtual Conference

Yousria Abd Alaziz Badawy

Ibn Sina National College for Medical Sciences, KSA

Title: Predictability of the development of insulin resistance based on the risk factors among female medical students of a private college in Saudi Arabia


Background: Insulin resistance is currently an underlying phenomenon in the etiology of most of non-communicable diseases. Insulin resistance has been proposed as the key linking factor for the metabolic syndrome disease cluster of glucose intolerance.
Objective: This study target was to find the predictability of risk factors for insulin resistance among female medical students.
Methodology: A cross sectional study was carried. A convenient non-probability sampling technique was used and the sample size was 272. Correlation test was and the P value less than 0.05 will be considered as statistically significant. Each participant underwent an in-person interview and anthropometric measurements and biochemical testing. For assessing lifestyle, a validated questionnaires on physical activity, sleep pattern, dietary pattern, and stress were adopted.
Results: The majority of those of high waist circumference were physically inactive and more prone to stress which was statically significant when compared to those of normal waist circumference. However, poor sleep and unhealthy diet were high among those having high waist circumference, but they were not statistically significant.
Conclusion: The correlation of waist circumference as an indicator of insulin resistance was highly significant with body mass index (BMI), postprandial blood sugar, systolic and diastolic blood pressure. A serial of unhealthy lifestyle habits was contributable to developing obesity and therefore insulin resistance among female medical students in KSA.


Yousria Abdelaziz Badawy holds a Ph.D. in community medicine. She is a faculty member at the department of community medicine, faculty of medicine, University of Alexandria and former head of the department at faculty of medicine, University of King Abdelaziz, Saudi Arabia and presently serving as a faculty member at the Department of Family and Community Medicine, Ibn Sina College for Medical Sciences. My research field of interest is chronic diseases with particular emphasis on diabetes.