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Samreen Riaz

Samreen Riaz

University of the Punjab, Pakistan

Title: Evaluation of Arsenic as Diabetogenic Agent in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and its Molecular Basis


Millions of people die each year due to diabetes, it occurs in all groups of ages, but there is no proper cure for this disease. There are so many causes of diabetes like poor lifestyle, genetic factor, and environmental pollutants. Arsenic and its compounds are involving in the damaging of beta cells by different mechanisms that includes oxidative stress, production of free radicals and disturbance of protein hormone which ultimately destroy insulin sensitivity. In this research I have studied the association between type 2 diabetes and arsenic related compounds. The first step in the research is to collect the sample of 1000 people in which 500 is control and 500 is diabetic patient. Then physical such as height, weight, daily activates was determined and biochemical parameter was determined which are Bilirubin, Urea, HBA1c AST, ALP and Creatinine.The total serum protein in samples was determined by performing Bradford Protein Estimation Assay. The control and diabetic patient’s protein concentration was compared.  The serum protein analysis was done by SDS PAGE. SDS PAGE is a technique used for visualization and separation of proteins on the basis of difference in their molecular masses and size. The samples were prepared and run through the gel and the results were analyzed. Then Arsenic was determined. Glucose level and all other parameter was higher in diabetic patients was determined through statistically between normal and diabetic patient. So it is proved that Arsenic is responsible to cause diabetes. So in order to reduce diabetic patient we should adopt life style modification in which proper diet, exercise is included. We increase the usage of “personal protective equipment” to avoid arsenic exposure.


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