Virtual Conference

Salma Yasmin Mohd Yusuf

Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

Title: The Crisis of Medical Education in Primary Care Medicine Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic in a Malaysian Higher Institution


The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has not only impacted the paradigm of health care delivery, but also the education of future health care providers. Medical faculties are compelled to cease all face-to-face teaching considering the threat of the virus. The ramification of distant learning was heavily endured by primary care educators who not only train the undergraduates but also future family medicine specialists. We have discovered that as a medical educator, it is important to continuously evolve and adapt to current situation. Even in the absence of face-to-face teaching, the primary care curriculum can be successfully delivered using the online platform. Here, we describe the crises faced in this endeavour, the solutions that were undertaken, and the advantages of virtual teaching which we hope will add value to primary care medical education. 


Salma Yasmin completed her training in Family Medicine and became and joined the medical faculty in 2019. She is involved in the teaching of hundreds of undergraduate and postgraduate students. She has published in a large number of reputable journals in subjects ranging from  medical education, quality of life, infectious diseases from researches, reviews as well as unique case reports.