Virtual Conference

Rimma Shaginian

Ascensia Diabetes Care, Switzerland

Title: Use of diabetes technology for hypoglycemia detection in Diabetes


Hypoglycemia, once detected in a timely manner is commonly treated by administration of glucose or glucagon (ADA, 2023) in accordance with HCP advice, however identifying the hypoglycemic event or need to treat on timely manner is of paramount importance. The definition of hypoglycemia is provided together with the implications of such an event on clinical and economic outcomes. The current accuracy standards are discussed and how they are applied to the low blood glucose range and various diabetes technologies. Hypoglycemia management is associated with the performance of BGMSs and CGMS in low blood glucose range (LBGR) and any app reliant on BG or CGM results is subsequently dependent. Not all BGMSsand CGMs utilizing apps are capable of detecting hypoglycemia with a high probability thus not leading to potential reduced hypoglycemia occurrence.


Rimma Shaginian is Medical Lead Emerging Markets in Ascensia Diabetes Care. She is MD with specialization in Diabetes & Endocrinology & Cardio Metabolic and Master of Public Health. She has more than ten years of clinical experience in the areas of clinical endocrinology, including diabetes, cardiovascular endocrinology, growth hormone disorders, bone metabolism disorders. She has more than twelve years of working in pharmaceutical Industry, namely in Eli Lilly, as lead clinical research physician and more than six years - in diabetes technology Industry/ Ascensia Diabetes care, focusing on research and clinical aspects of BGM, CGM and diabetes digital applications. She has been working seven years as medical affairs lead at all levels: country, regional and global. She is an author of over 30 original research papers, abstracts and posters. She is speaker at various diabetes training courses & several national and international congresses.