Virtual Conference
Parimala Jaggesh

Parimala Jaggesh

Diabetes Educator, India

Title: ‘GLAM diet’ for preventing and controlling type-2 diabetes mellitus


Study using GLAM diet reiterated the fact that nutritional choices when combined with the latest CGM technology with just simple modifications and dietary adherence independent of the medications that patients have been on, every diabetic had better control of their diabetes.
The primary goal of achieving better control of HbA1C was achieved.
The secondary objectives of optimal blood glucose concentration, optimal lipid profile, optimization of time in target, evaluation of glucose variability, reduction of medication requirements and better control with guidance towards prevention, delay and better control of diabetes-related complications.  
Conclusion: Study proves that the future of diabetes management and healthcare industry would be Glucose Tracking Diet . The efficacy of these simple changes were seen in both rural and urban population and across all age groups.
The way forward to address the PANDEMIC of DIABETES Complications is through easy, sustainable, life-style and dietary modifications as has been proven  by 1000s of my clients since years.


Parimala Jaggesh, the founder of AlaMirap Nutrition is herself a proud, healthy type-2 diabetic since 1984 – almost 3 decades. She has successfully reversed her way back from insulin to oral tablets.
Even though she hails from the movie industry, her husband is a well-known movie star since 40 years, she has chosen a path selflessly to create awareness about diabetes management.
She has conducted numerous surveys, studies, has presented posters across India and uses every opportunity to help empower others to stay healthy.
She has conducted 100s of camps in rural areas highlighting the importance of nutrition with the available financial restraints the villagers face – that is her USP. Eat local. Think Global.
As she has a very strong social media presence running up to millions of followers – her vision of “Health For All” is being well received across the globe.
More than 70 million Kannada-language speaking people recognize her due to her hard-effort and movie background lineage.
She has received Honorary Doctorate for this service to mankind in trying to encourage, educate and empower every single person she crosses path with to stay healthy.