Virtual Conference

Nadjia Kachenoura

Sorbonne University , France

Title: Cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging and its applications in diabetic cardiomyopathy


Cardiovascular MRI, with its unceasing technological advances, allows in vivo imaging of a beating heart and a pulsatile artery with unparalleled anatomical coverage and contrast. The combination of MRI acquisitions with advanced image processing methods, allows for quantitative and multiparametric analysis of the central cardiocirculatory system, providing precise measurement of its geometry and function as well as its tissue and metabolic characteristics. The alteration of these MRI biomarkers at a very early stage, even before symptoms, favors their applicability in diabetic cardiomyopathy. Indeed, the ability of MRI to comprehensively and quantitatively explore aortic stiffness, global and regional myocardial strain, lipid deposits, along with its capacity to reveal unrecognized myocardial damage, enhance its usefulness for individual risk reclassification in patients with diabetes. 


Nadjia Kachenoura, had her PhD in biomedical imaging in 2007 and a post-doc fellowship at University of Chicago (2007-2009). During this training period she developed a multimodality profile as she has been working and publishing on cardiac echo, CT and MRI. Once back to France, she got the prestigious AXA research grant and then her Inserm research associate (CR1) position in 2011. In 2014, she founded the cardiovascular imaging (LIB-ICV) team at Sorbonne Université/INSERM/CNRS Laboratory of Biomedical Imaging and became a team leader of a multidisciplinary group (researchers with a clinical or engineering background).
She received 12 awards in international conferences, personally or on behalf of her supervised students. She received more than 25 invited talks in cardiovascular radiology/biomedical image processing international meetings as well as chairing responsibilities, and programs committee member. 
She has over 150 publications that have been cited over 1700 times, and her publication h-index is 22. She is recently invited to edit a special issue on advances in multimodality aortic imaging for the Journal of Clinical Medicine.