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Muhammad Asif Javed

Muhammad Asif Javed

Social Security MNCH Hospital Faisalabad, Pakistan

Title: Comparison of efficacy of duloxetine with amitriptyline in terms of reduction in frequency of pain in the patients of diabetic neuropathy


A total of 200 cases (100 in each group) between the age 20-65 years of any gender, ? 5 years history of diabetes, symptoms of peripheral neuropathy for at least six months, having HbA1c >7.5% were included. Two groups were formed Group A was given 60mg Duloxetine each day and Group B was given 75mg amitriptyline in a single dose. After 3 weeks, an additional three weeks supply of medication was dispensed and patient were scheduled to return at week 6 for the final evaluation that recorded by me in terms of reduction in pain score and also assessed for 50% reduction in pain score from base line that was labeled as reduced. Results: 62%(n=62) in Group-A and 35%(n=35) in Group-B were treated effectively, which shows a significant difference between the two groups. Conclusion: The duloxetine was more effective than amitriptyline in terms of reduction of pain in diabetic neuropathy.


Muhammad Asif javed has completed FCPS(medicine) in 2012 from CPSP Karachi Pakistan.He has worked in abwa medical college in medicine department.Currently working as senior consultant physian at social security mnch Faisalabad.More than 5 studies as author author have been published in local and international journals.