Miguel Cepeda Jiménez

Physician in department of Internal Medicine, Mexico

Title: Hypercalcemia of malignancy in woman


Hypercalcemia of malignancy is a complication of certain solid tumors. This is a 47 years old female  who presented in emergency  department with bone  pain,  irritability, disoriented  in person and site, coprolalia and pallor in teguments. A physical examination showed a solid lesion of 2 cm in the right breast. The laboratory test revealed serum calcium of 13mg/dl, hemoglobin 9 mg/dl.  A computed tomography   revealed hypo dense images in vertebral bodies and  skull. The treatment started with intravenous fluid, diuretics and analgesics. The biopsy of breast reported carcinoma ductal infiltrating.


Miguel Cepeda study medicine in Instituto Politecnico Nacional (Mexico City). Course Internal Medicine in ISSSEMyM, after Medical Oncology in Hospital General de Mexico (Mexico City). Actually works in the department of Internal Medicine in IMSS (Mexico City) and Medical Oncology. I published some articles relationated with some endocrinological diseases and cancer.