Virtual Conference

Metrek Almetrek

Najran University, Saudi Arabia

Title: Investigating compliance with insulin injection regimens among diabetic patients in Najran Armed Forces Hospital


Aim of Study: To investigate what factors affect patients’ compliance with an insulin regimen as part of self-management in Najran Armed Forces Hospital. Methodology: This study followed an exploratory descriptive cross-sectional research design. The study population consisted of diabetic patients receiving insulin. A simple random sampling technique was followed to select diabetic patients among those registered at the Chronic Disease Clinics at Najran Armed Forces Hospital. A Self-administered questionnaire was constructed and used to collect data over a two-week period. Results: The study sample included 90 patients, of whom 53.3% were males. Many participants expressed poor attitudes and lacked self-management skills and the necessary health education information. There were statistically significant associations regarding the relationship between poor attitude and poor self-management. Participants’ knowledge regarding how to take insulin injections; fear of insulin injection; having a monitoring device; health conditions; diabetes type residence location education; and seeing diabetes educators were significant factors related to patients’ attitudes. Conclusion: Diabetic patients’ compliance regarding self-management advice is variable. It is of utmost importance for diabetic patients to be educated and supported in all aspects of self-management to avoid diabetes complications.


Metrek Ali Almetrek, MBBS, MD, SBFM, ArbBFM, FSTFM, PMP works as medical and health SDGs consoler for the Prince of Aseer region “Prince Turkey bin Talal Alsaoud”, consultant of family medicine and medical education and supervisor of administration of healthy cities program in Aseer region. He is currently collaborating as an assistant professor in Family & Community Medicine Department at College of Medicine, Najran University.
ALMETREK, MBBS graduated from King Khalid University in 2007. He is multiple boards certified of family medicine who trained in different national and international training programs. He finished fellowship successfully in Medical Student Educator Development Institute at Society of Teacher of Family Medicine in USA 2015.
ALMETREK is local and international scientific and journalism activities and appointments as author, reviewer, speaker, and presenter who participated with scientific and research papers and journals nationally in KSA and internationally in Canada, Bahrain, USA, Brazil, Germany and Philippines.