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Damilola Babalola

Damilola Babalola

Felician University, USA

Title: Utilizing diabetic mobile applications in achieving glycemic control


The purpose of this project is to implement a practice change in the primary care outpatient setting. Several studies done show that mobile diabetic applications successfully advance management of Type 2 Diabetes.
Application features like blood glucose log, alarms, diet education, medication reminder and interaction with healthcare provider improved glycemic control among participants.
Studies were done using semi structured phone interviews, survey method, and pre and post intervention study with 38 participants. In addition, a total of 27 articles were reviewed and analyzed in a systematic review and meta-analysis. Smartphone applications show to be cost effective and convenient. Visual representations of current health status in form of graphs, and blood sugar averages were identified as enthusiasm for self-management. Weight management and sticking to a diabetic diet plan were the areas most participants struggled. Mobile diabetic applications are not faultless but they help with diet plan, improve physical activity thereby improving disease management and glycemic control.


Damilola Babalola is a graduate Nurse practitioner student in Felician University New jersey, USA. She has been a Registered Nurse for over three years and is passionate about providing care to underserved populations.