Virtual Conference

Amadora Moral Martos

Catalan Health Institute, Spain

Title: Clinical practice guideline for transsexual, transgender and gender diverse minors


Some people, including minors, have a gender identity that does not correspond to the sex assigned at birth. They are known as trans people, which is an umbrella term that encompasses transgender, transsexual, and other identities not conforming to the assigned gender. Healthcare units for trans minors require multidisciplinary working, undertaken by personnel expert in gender identity, enabling, when requested, interventions for the minor and their social-familial environment, in an individualized and flexible way during the gender affirmation path. This service model also includes hormonal treatments tailored as much as possible to the individual's needs, beyond the dichotomic goals of a traditional binary model. This guide addresses the general aspects of professional care of trans minors and presents the current evidence-based protocol of hormonal treatments for trans and non-binary adolescents. In addition, it details key aspects related to expected body changes and their possible side effects, as well as prior counselling about fertility preservation.


Amadora Moral Martos is an endocrine pediatrician and expert in transgender medicine from the University of Barcelona. She works with the Garraf territorial pediatric team at the Catalan Health Institute in Barcelona, Spain. She works in pediatric services and care services for transgender and non-binary people. Furthermore, she has several publications on gender identity and is a member of the Sexual Identity and Differentiation Working Group of the Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition (GIDSEEN).