Virtual Conference

Ueno Mariko

Tokyo Women's Medical University, Japan

Title: Application of a Pedometer for the Management of Impaired Glucose Tolerance in Pregnant Women


The proper management of impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) in pregnant women has a great impact on the prognoses of both the mother and the infant, and is of interest to both obstetricians and diabetologists. Although nutritional intervention along with insulin treatment in the mainstream approach of IGT treatment in pregnant women, exercise intervention is another important component of the IGT management.
One explanation why the effect of exercise for glucose metabolism is controversial might be the problems with quantifying the amount of exercise. Thus, we used pedometers to quantitatively assess the amount of exercise performed by pregnant women with IGT. A pedometer is a useful tool for objective exercise evaluation. With the widespread use of smartphones equipped with pedometer function, exercise by walking is easily monitored and utilized in both healthy pregnant women and pregnant women with obesity and IGT.
 Although it might be difficult to prove the effect of pedometer for the non-pregnant patients due to the problem with their compliance, we succeeded in proving the effect of exercise therapy with using pedometers for pregnant women with IGT.
 We present the present perspective on the use of a pedometer in the management of IGT in pregnant women by introducing our recently published work.


Mariko Ueno has graduated Faculty of Medicine, Tokyo Women’s Medical University, Japan in 2008, and she has completed her PHD from same university in 2020.
She became a medical specialist of Obstetrics and Gynecology in 2013, and a medical specialist of Perinatal and Neonatal medicine in 2017.
She has been an Assistant Professor of Departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Adachi Medical Center, Tokyo Women’s Medical University, Japan since 2016.