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Tagreed Hamood Hatem

Tagreed Hamood Hatem

Baghdad Medical City, Iraq

Title: Metformin compared with diet or insulin in the management of gestational diabetes in clinical practice


 This study involved 150 women with singleton pregnancies diagnosed with GDM, and they were divided into three groups (50 women managed with diet, 50 women managed with insulin and 50 women managed with metformin). The study aimed to compare the maternal and neonatal outcome according to different treatments. The study carried out in Baghdad Medical city, from the period of March 2013 to July 2014. The rate of caesarian delivery was higher in those treated with insulin compared to those on metformin and diet (46%, 26%, and 22% respectively), also insulin receiving women had higher rate of preterm birth compared to those on metformin and diet (20%, 4%, and 8% respectively), neonatal admissions (20%, 4% and 6%, respectively), neonatal intravenous dextrose use (22%, 6%, and 8%) compared to metformin and diet. In conclusion, the use of metformin was associated with fewer adverse outcomes compared with insulin.


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