Virtual Conference
First Pediatric Consultative Clinic

Rada Markova

First Pediatric Consultative Clinic, Bulgaria

Title: A practical approach to the treatment of infantile hemangiomas in pediatric practice


Infantile hemangiomas are the most common benign vascular tumors in infancy. Their incidence is between 3-10%. They are more frequently observed in females, in preterm babies and in case of perinatal stress. Most of the infantile hemangiomas are benign and do not need systemic treatment, only 12-15% need an oral treatment with Propranolol. The invention of their treatment with oral Propranolol makes a huge revolution in their course. The accurate diagnosis and early treatment are very important for a child prognosis and hemangioma evolution. The treatment must be started in the stage of hemangioma progression in order to have a good final response. The treatment can be started in out- patient or in- patient option with good clinical effect and results. Patients must be prepared with laboratory investigations, dermatology and cardiology consultation. The dose is carefully increased from 1mg/kg to 2 mg/kg and 3 mg/kg/day in a week interval. The dose of 3 mg/kg is the therapeutic dose. We present our experience in management and treatment of infantile hemangiomas. In our clinic as an out – patients twenty patients are observed. Our results demonstrate very satisfied results in the involution of treated patients.


Dr. Rada Markova obtained a master degree in medicine from Medical University - Varna. From the very beginning of her career Dr. Markova has been working as a pediatrician at University Children's Clinics In 2004 Dr. Markova obtained a specialty in pediatrics, in 2011 - in pediatric pulmonology. She has a master's degree in business administration and health management from UNWE. In 2016 she completed her thesis on "Exhaled nitric oxide in children with bronchial asthma" and received PhD degree. In 2018 Dr. Markova became "Associate Professor" at MU - Pleven.
Her research interests are in the field of pediatric pulmonology - chronic diseases of the respiratory system - bronchial asthma, cystic fibrosis, non-invasive methods of assessing allergic inflammation. Also, she works in the field of out – patient treatment and monitoring of infantile hemangiomas. In 2012 she became the manager and founder of the First Children's Consultative Clinic – Sofia – the biggest out-patient pediatric clinic in Bulgaria. She dedicated next years of her life and work to outpatient pediatrics, childhood prevention and follow-up of children with chronic diseases. She has three children.