K. M. Yacob

Marma Health Centre, India

Title: Does fever increase or decrease blood circulation?


This is the first time many people have heard such a question.
When it comes to treating back pain, neck pain, and knee pain, it is often heard that the cause of the pain is reduced blood flow. A variety of heat-inducing devices are used to increase blood flow to the lower back, neck, and knee pains. Physiotherapy often provides more heat than fever.
1. What happens to blood flow in your body when your internal temperature decreases?. 
Vasoconstriction, Thermogenesis, When there is a decrease in blood flow and its signs, symptoms, and signals, the immune system does actions to increase blood flow to save lives. 
2. What are the ingredients necessary to decrease blood flow? 
The main ingredient is the lack of enough temperature. Shrinking of blood vessels, Inflammation, infection, low pressure, etc… will decrease blood flow. 
3. Decreased blood flow can cause fits, delirium, stroke, and lead to death.
When disease increases essential blood circulation and energy levels also decrease. The vertical height between the heart and brain is more than one foot. When the disease becomes severe, the ability to pump blood to the brain decreases. Then blood flow to the brain decreases and delirious or fits are formed. As a result of this brain cells are damaged. so the patient might be paralyzed or may even die. 87% of stroke is due to blood to the brain is decreased or blocked. 
4. What is the Purpose of the temperature of a fever?
When the disease made by the bacteria, fungi, venom, horror scene, horror dream, etc..., becomes a threat to life or organs blood circulation decreases, the temperature of fever will emerge to increase prevailing essential blood circulation. And it acts as a protective covering of the body to sustain life. 
There is no way other than this to increase prevailing essential blood circulation for a sensible and discreet immune system to protect the life or organ.  
In all diseases which decrease essential blood circulation and temperature, the fever will emerge to Increase essential blood circulation and temperature. Fever is an adaptation and a result of Thermogenesis. 
To this day, no one has heard that fever is caused by poor blood flow.
5. What are the ingredients necessary to increase blood flow?
 Adequate temperature and pressure,   free flow of blood, and disease-free condition are all factors that increase blood flow.
6. The temperature of the fever increases the blood flow. 
Fever increases blood flow, which means more lymphocytes flow through lymphoid tissues. 
The body temperature of the brooding hen increases to provide the required temperature for the egg and to increase the essential blood circulation in the body.The brooding hen does not eat anything. The increased temperature is its food. It helps to convert fat into energy. Similarly, your immune system generates fever to increase the body's essential blood circulation.
7. Will fever cause decreased blood flow? Or damage brain cells?
 No. Fainting or delirious or damage to the brain cells is not due to the increased temperature of fever. It is due to a decrease in blood circulation to the brain. Temperatures below  42 degrees never cause any harm to our bodies.
During summer, in some parts of India atmospheric temperature is more than 45 degrees. While taking a normal  Steam bath the temperature inside the box is more than 50-degree centigrade, Physiotherapy Treatment temperature is between 52.5 °C to 54.4 °C. There is no such a history of one having fainted, or being affected with delirious or fits. 
The fever is heat energy. To date, modern science has not studied what actions were carried out heat on fever.
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