Virtual Conference
Elena Reznikova

Elena Reznikova

Volgograd Medical State University, Russia

Title: The pathogenetic significance of endothelial dysfunction in the development of vascular diabetic complications


One important mechanism for the progression of long-term complications in patients with diabetes mellitus (DM) is currently considered an impaired function of the vascular endothelium. The presence of endothelial imbalance indicates the involvement of the vasculature in a vicious circle of metabolic consequences of hyperglycemia, and also reflects the severity and pervasiveness of this process. At patients with DM found a significant increase in the level of endothelin-1 and von Willebrand factor (ffW) compared with the control group of healthy individuals, patients with arterial hypertension and patients without diabetic angiopathy. In the presence of vascular complications of DM, an increased level of endothelin-1 was found in 79.4% of patients, ffW in 65.4%, reduced level of endothelial NO-synthase (e-NOS) in 66.4% sick.
The most significant increase in the level of endothelin-1 and ffW is associated with a long course DM. The criterion for insufficient or unsatisfactory glycemic control is increased levels of endothelin-1. Study of circulating markers of endothelial dysfunction can be used as a method of assessing the potential risk of vascular damage and for the purpose of diagnosing vascular diabetic complications. 


Elena Reznikova has completed her PHD at the age of 38 years from Volgograd State Medical University, Russia. She is an assistant professor at Faculty Therapy department of VSMU, Russia. She has over 50 publications in different medical journals. She has been performing as a high-qualified endocrinologist for more than 15 years.