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Dipali Dumbre

Dipali Dumbre

Symbiosis International University, India

Title: Psychosocial impact of hypoglycemia- a review article


Diabetes has appeared as a foremost well-being difficult in our country. As per international federation of diabetes atlas in tow thousand seventeen four hundred and twenty five millions people are having diabetes with age group of between above 20 and below 79 years. It also shown that it will grow up to six hundred and twenty nine in 2045.This number is growing almost in all countries. Out of the seventy-nine percentage are from low background and livening middle line income countries. The major age group affected is between 40 year to 59 years. The goal of this study is to give you a quick overview of recent research on key psychosocial factors and hypoglycemia. Emerging study on psychosocial aspects (e.g., personality, sleep quality) cannot be extensively explored due to space limits. Nonetheless, in outlining the primary components, we point out gaps in the existing literature that contribute to our poor understanding of the social drivers of continuing racial/ethnic hypoglycemia discrepancies, as well as future research initiatives. The study findings shows that shows that there are many studies shown on this and all the studies shows that there is impact of hypoglycemia on the psychosocial factors like fear, depressive systems, absenteeism at work place, emotional distress .It also shows that psychological distress is lead to the higher mortality. The review is helpful to understand the need of the interventions for the prevention of hypoglycemia and the management of hypoglycemia and there is need of counselling to these patients for the prevention of psychosocial problems.


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