Samir Derouiche

, El-Oued University, Algeria
Title : The effect of Purslane and Aquilaria malaccensis on insulin-resistance and lipid peroxidation in High-fructose diet Rats


Introduction: The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effect of purslane (P. oleracea) and Aquilaria malaccensis (A. malaccensis) methanol extracts against high-fructose and high-fat diet induced insulin-resistance, lipid peroxidation and tissues dysfunction in rats.

Material and method: Females albino Wistar rats were divided into six groups (n=5) as control, Insulin resistance rats (IR), IR+Po, IR+Am, IR+Po+Am and IR+Met groups. Insulin resistance (IR) in rats was induced by diet with a high fructose (60% fructose) and a high fat diet (60% kcal fat) for 70 days. P. oleracea (Po) and A. malaccensis (Am) methanol extracts and metformin drugs were supplemented orally (400 mg/kg bw, 200 mg/kg bw, and 300 mg/kg bw), respectively, for four weeks. Methanol extracts of plants were prepared and phytochemicals were analyzed by standard methods. Blood glucose level, lipids profile, lipid peroxidation and some biochemical parameters were assessed.

Results: Obtained results revealed that IR induction caused a significant increase in blood glucose, plasma and tissues lipids profile, urea and creatinine concentrations, GOT, GPT, and ALP activities compared to the control group while total protein concentration was significantly lower. Additionally, there was a significant increase of MDA level in IR group than those of the control. Methanol extracts of P. oleracea and A. malaccensis treatment ensured a partial correction of the previous parameters.

Conclusions: The results of the present investigation indicated that P. oleracea and A. malaccensis possesses the ability to control the lipid peroxidation and biochemical disruption associated with insulin resistance. 


Dr. Samir Derouiche has obtained MSc in applied biochemistry and awarded a Ph.D. in applied biochemistry . To date, He has published many research articles in trace elements, biotherapy, oxidative stress, diagnostic markers for chronic and acute diseases, diabetes and metabolic desorders in the different biological, pharmacology, biomedical, chemistry and biosciences journals. He also serves as a Editor, member of the Editorial Board and reviwer for many journals.