Claudio Frasson

, University of Padua, Italy
Title : The impact of a micronutritional diet and food education in the acquisition of lasting piscophysical well-being for the obese or overweight patient with or without related diseases: an integrated approach for nutritionists and physicians


The contribution of macro and micronutrients through nutrition is essential for the performance of vital functions, and therefore to allow the body to stay healthy. But even more attention is focused on essential micronutrients due to their peculiarities and the lack of food and low bioavailability, especially linked to the presence of other substances that determine their speed and quantity in terms of absorption. In fact, essential micronutrients (EMNs) are defined nutrients that cannot be synthesized by an organism and therefore can only be acquired through the diet. Minerals, which are obviously essential micronutrients, are cofactors or integral elements for at least one of the proteins in our body. Therefore the need to develop a new dietary methodology that is able to optimize the intake of all EMNs, based on the daily doses recommended and published by the LARN (Reference Levels of Nutrient and Energy Intake for the Italian Population IV Revision) in 2014, in order to have a metabolism that works effectively. That is why it is therefore not of great importance to differentiate macronutrients in diets, but rather to take various foods, possibly integrated, optimizing, above all, the contribution of EMNs: all this is essential for maintaining the optimal state of health and psychophysical well-being. Purpose of the study: to identify an integrated approach to nutritional education, based on micronutrition, as well as on the Mediterranean diet, which can help general practitioners to improve the psychophysical state of their patients, thus contributing to the improvement of social vision and a decrease considerable health care costs, reducing drug prescriptions and tests. Materials and methods: the retrospective study was developed on 330 patients who went to my private practices in Verona, Vicenza, Padua and Rovigo, in the period from June 2012 to June 2019, evaluated with a complete nutritional examination, which made use of specialized methodologies , including medical history and physical examination including weight, dietary and allergological anamnesis, district anthropometry, plicometry, indirect calorimetry and measurement of Visceral Fat, impedance measurement with measurement of body masses BMI and Calculation of ideal weight, Graphs of the trends of the main parameters nutritional, development of a personalized micronutritional diet and often adapted, as far as possible, to the needs of the patient, with 5 replacements for almost all foods, with certified software developed by Progeo Srl, which guarantees its scientific and adherence the international guidelines and especially those of the LARN (Levels of Intake Reference of Nutrients and Energy for the Italian Population IV Revision), Monthly checks with updates of the food plan. obtaining excellent results (about 98% declared their satisfaction). Results: These patients decreased fat mass and water retention, increasing or maintaining muscle mass and basal metabolism and breaking down visceral fat, an important index of absolute cardiovascular risk, falling in most cases to values considered protective. In the group, by way of example, I visited: 50 patients with essential arterial hypertension who reduced or even stopped the drug therapy they were taking regularly, with a significant reduction in blood pressure; 35 with various dyslipidemias that have had benefits comparable to those for hypertension, with the discontinuation of the use of statins in 90% of cases; 18 patients with type 2 diabetes had benefits on basal glycaemia and on a drastic reduction in the percentage of glycated hemoglobin, and consequently the decrease in drug therapy; 16 cases of gastroesophageal reflux disease and 14 cases of severe intestinal meteorism have seen an evident improvement in their clinical conditions, with almost no symptoms in all cases; 11 women with therapy-resistant headaches and migraines found the solution in the micronutritional diet, clearly improving their lifestyle, and drastically decreasing seizures both in number and frequency, often with no symptoms and drastic decrease if not disappeared of crises. those who admitted to having followed the food plan in a precise manner, in most cases declared an evident improvement in their quality of vision both working, sentimental, sexual and social. In conclusion, the micronutritional diet based on the fundamentals of the Mediterranean diet, rarely proposed both by specialists in the sector and by the media all over the world, in addition to having a vast literature supporting its validity, is an excellent way to eat healthy and nutrient that certainly brings psychosocio-economic benefits, but basically maintains an optimal and long-lasting state of health, which, if used by the majority of the population, will not only bring personal benefits to individual patients, but can certainly contribute to the psycho-physical well-being of entire communities . This diet has been codified and registered in all the world and is called the MiNu® Diet.