Magnus S. Magnusson

Magnus S. Magnusson

Emeritus Research Professor, University of Iceland, Iceland


Magnus S. Magnusson, PhD, Emeritus Research Professor, founder, and director of the Human Behavior Laboratory (, School of Health Sciences, University of Iceland. Author of the T-system, detection algorithms and software THEMETM (, initially focusing on real-time organization of behavior. Co-directed of two-year project “DNA analysis with Theme”. Keynotes in biology, neuroscience, mathematics, science of religion, proteomics, A.I., robotics and nanoscience. Associate Professor and Deputy Director 1983-1988 in the Museum of Mankind of the French National Museum of Natural History, Paris. Repeatedly, invited Professor at the University of Paris V, VIII & XIII. Now works in formal collaboration between 40 European and American universities initiated 1995 at the University Rene Descartes of Paris V, Sorbonne, based on “Magnusson’s analytical model”.

Research Interest

Diabetes, Human Behavior, Medicine, Healthcare, Neurobiology, Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence.